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Kootenay | Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip (Black-Coated Finish)

Kootenay | Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip (Black-Coated Finish)

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Designed and conceptualized in Canada, the Kootenay Carabiner is the perfect blend of function and form for EDC enthusiasts, preppers, and outdoorsmen.

The Kootenay Carabiner is a split-compartment carabiner with a back clip, boasting a ground-breaking design, strength, and functionality.

Crafted from aviation-grade titanium alloy, the Kootenay Carabiner is extremely tough and resistant to corrosion, making it stronger all-around than steel or aluminum while maintaining an incomparable lightness.

The unique mountain shape and exquisite bevel cutting make this carabiner stand out from the rest, with the bevel shape manufactured to perfection, expanding work time by 100% and increasing costs by 80%.

The ingenious double-zone safety design ensures that your trusty EDC items never slip away from you again, with a reclosing partition lever that allows the keyring to slide in faster than ever before.

The unique overlapping design on the partition lever allows you to slide in very small keyrings securely onto the carabiner.

With the addition of a back clip design, the Kootenay Carabiner is now versatile enough to be worn with any type of pants and can be used for carrying keys, flashlights, wallets, and other small items.

The Kootenay Carabiner is perfect for effortless everyday carry, with unbeatable strength and a sleek, intelligent design.

Trust the Kootenay Carabiner for all your everyday carrying needs, whether you're an EDC enthusiast or a prepper who needs top-notch gear that won't let them down.

Experience the incredible strength and versatility of titanium with the Kootenay Carabiner today.


Color: Black-Coated Finish
Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Length: 3.16"
Width: 1.42"
Weight: 30g


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