Kootenay Carabiner

Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip

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    Designed to replace your entire arsenal of wrenches and screwdrivers, the PICHI X2 is about as brilliantly versatile as it is ridiculously tiny...

  • New Atlas:

    If you tried carrying a wrench, bit driver, crowbar and bottle opener with you at all times, your pockets would get pretty full. That's where the PICHI X2 multi-tool comes in, as it combines all these functions in one device.

Multi-Size Bolt Nut Wrench

With a wrench head that matches over 20 bolts and turns like a ratchet, you won't need any other tools when carrying a PICHI X2.

Turn by turn; you will get the job done.

  • Wrench

    Match over 20 sizes of nuts. Use like a ratchet wrench

  • Driver Bit Slot

    Magnetic driver bit slot for all 1/4” bits​

  • Stone Washed

    Ceramic stone washed surface retains the like-new appearance​

  • Best Material

    Premium grade 5 titanium alloy, balance of strength and weight.

    Only 44G