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PICHI X2 Package with Leather Holster

PICHI X2 Package with Leather Holster

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1 * PICHI X2
1 * Full Cow Leather Holster
4 * No. 11 high-carbon tactical steel pieces.

*Premium Grade 5 Titanium Alloy, the balance of strength and weight.
*The Ceramic stone-washed surface retains a like-new appearance.
*Match over 20 sizes of nut, use like a ratchet wrench.
*Neodymium Magnetic driving bit slot fits all 1/4" bits with ultimate force.
*Replaceable steel
*The solid ALL Titanium design forms a lighter weight of only 44 grams.

Hand-crafted and authentic Australian leather holsters are perfect for the PICHI X2. You are keeping your EDC pocket tool safe and easily accessible when needed. Over the years, the holster's color will darken and deepen to a brownish red, adding a certain charm when paired to the Titanium of your PICHI X2 pocket tool.

It only makes sense to pair up your PICHI X2 with a leather holster to give off a wild west vibe. PICHI X2 does reign from the West coast of Canada.


Length: 4.25"
Width: 1"
Thickness: 0.28"
Weight: 44g
Material: Grade 5 Titanium

Full Leather Holster
Material: Hand-crafted and authentic Australian cow leather


US Shipping (3-5 days): $10 (FREE on orders over $70)
Worldwide Shipping (7-14 days): $13

PICHI X2: Lifetime Warranty
Leather Holster: 45-day warranty for manufacturing defects

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