PICHI X2:Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool For Everyday Carry

Designed and Created in Western Canada

We are driven by our passion for firearm attachments and retro cars and inspired by the beautiful lakes found around Kananaskis, Alberta.

After 11 months of designing, building, and testing, we proudly present an all-in-one pocket tool EDC enthusiasts need to add to their arsenal, PICHI X2. 

You can expect a solid and durable product weighing in around 44 grams and made with premium titanium. 

Which is a perfect EDC Multitool 7 in 1 with knife, Wrench, Folding Knife, Screwdriver, Bottle Opene, Ruler, Urgent Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter, perfect gift for man.

Everyday Carry

Titanium belongs to EDC enthusiasts. It is not just the material; it is the value titanium carries along. The best material mother nature has to offer, which balances weight, strength, and durability. Titanium is also corrosion-resistant, making for a longer-lasting and desirable component for an EDC tool.

PICHI X2 is the Best EDC Tool to hit the market!

We are introducing to the market our innovative idea, PICHI X2. 

PICHI X2 is created with the EDC enthusiast in mind. It is made with only the best material, Grade 5 Titanium, and superior nine-stage craftsmanship.

Grade 5 Titanium is the perfect material for EDC pocket tools, it is lightweight, durable, and has unmatched strength. Offering a pocket tool that can be counted on when you need it most and is easy to carry without weighing you down or taking up too much space. 

Practical and Compact

After doing extensive research using real EDC users, we found the most sought-after aspects of a pocket tool are:

  • Sharp blades
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Crowbar
  • Bottle opener

We have integrated all these tools into the innovative design of PICHI X2, making this as practical and remaining as compact as possible, including an angled crowbar to make room for a knife while keeping the other side reserved for a corkscrew. 

Made with the Best Material

Titanium is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Making it the perfect material for a strong, reliable, and long-lasting pocket tool. 

Extremely Lightweight

Whether you put PICHI X2 in your pocket or hang it from your belt, you won't notice this EDC tool. 

Designing and redesigning dozens of times, if not more, we created a pocket tool that weighs 44 grams without any sacrifices made to the design or durability. 

Multi-Size Bolt Nut Wrench

With a wrench head that matches over 20 bolts and turns like a ratchet, you won't need any other tools when carrying a PICHI X2.

Turn by turn; you will get the job done. 

Easy to Replace Knife Blade Made from No. 11 Surgical Blades

Blades are the most used tool in an EDC tool. We used a No.11 surgical blade to ensure easy removal, affordable, and easy-to-find replacement. 

All your cutting needs will be met with PICHI X2. Whether it's boxes, paper, rope, tags, plastic, or bags, this blade can handle it. 

We feature an angled crowbar to make holding and cutting comfortable, easy, and safe with the knife. 

It also features a ceramic bead lock to lock the blade in place during use to keep you safe while in use.  


Designed using an angle to protect your fingers, but also solid and durable for fast and easy use. 

Whether the job is prying open jars to removing nails, PICHI X2 will get the job done. 

Screwdriver Slot

Featuring a magnetized screwdriver slot to endure your screwdriver head stays in place during use. 

Able to fit any attachment that is ¼ in diameter and will stay put into ensuring you can get the job done while remaining durable and compact. 

Bottle Opener

When it's time for a nice cold one, you will always be prepared. Not that you weren't anyway, but now you can open bottles with your PICHI X2. 

Full Leather Holster

Hand-crafted and authentic Australian leather holsters are perfect for the PICHI X2. You are keeping your EDC pocket tool safe and easily accessible when needed. Over the years, the holster's colour will darken and deepen to a brownish red, adding a certain charm when paired to the Titanium of your PICHI X2 pocket tool. 

It only makes sense to pair up your PICHI X2 with a leather holster to give off a wild west vibe. PICHI X2 does reign from the West coast of Canada.