21 months,The Ultimate Pursuit of Design Excellence

PICHI G9 is not just a utility knife; it is a reflection of our profound love for craftsmanship and our relentless pursuit of perfection in every detail. This knife is the result of 21 months of hard work and over 20 iterations. Each adjustment, each improvement, represents our unwavering commitment to achieving perfection.

Ultimate Craft Design

0.1 Second, Innovative Opening Mechanism: The Birth of a Unique Experience

The G9's unique opening method is akin to unlocking a magical spell. By gently adjusting the angles of the knife handle on both sides with two fingers, the blade effortlessly slides out. This is not just an innovation but also an extraordinary and unique experience.

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55 Grams, Lightness and Resilience: Your Effortless Life Companion

We chose Grade 5 titanium not just for its lightweight and strength, but because it represents our relentless pursuit of excellence. At only 55 grams, each gram of G9's weight carries our dedication and commitment to perfection.

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Join Our Journey

Backing PICHI G9 means more than just purchasing an innovative utility knife; it means joining us on a never- ending quest for excellence. Choose your support level and embark on this extraordinary journey with us.

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